CTAC Governing Council
CTAC  Governing Council consists of six members, under an Inspector General, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer.
CTAC Accreditation Committee
CTAC Accreditation Committee comprises Quality assurance and Accreditation experts in various fields of education and the industry. This committee is vested with the authority to vet the institutions and make the final accreditation decision, whether the institution is approved or not.

 Contact the CTAC Board: 
* Office of the Inspector  General/ Chairman of CTAC Board.
Email: isg@ctac.ac.

*General CTAC Board Members.
Email: info@ctac.ac.

*Dr. Michael Luther, Director General ( CTAC CEO)
Email: dg@ctac.ac.

*Dr. Christine Baker, Executive Secretary ( COO of CTAC Accreditation Committee). Email: es@ctac.ac.

*CTAC Accreditation Committee Members. 
Email: accreditation@ctac.ac.

*Ms. H.L Dixon CTAC Treasurer (CTAC Chief Financial Officer)
Email: treasurer@ctac.ac

For  All other inquires Contact us:
Curacao Transnational Accreditation Council

 Perseusweg  27 A , Willemstad, Curacao.         
Tele: +5999-697-7044
Email:info@ctac.ac.                                                                                info.ctac2021@gmail.com.