Welcome to Curacao Transnational Accreditation Council (CTAC)!

Our motto is : Ensuring the quality in transnational education.

Curacao Transnational Accreditation Council (CTAC) is an independent  Curacao  regional accreditation agency licensed by  Curacao government and recognized by the Curacao Ministry of Education, Science, Sport, and Culture as an institutional and programmatic accreditor for transnational education institutions in and outside Curacao.

 CTAC has five levels of Member institutions categorized as follows:

1. Premier Accredited Member status list
2. Fully Accredited members list
3. Programmatic Accreditation list
4. Associate Members list
5. Affiliate members list

6.Allied Organization members list

    To  see the full list of our member  institutions , please search our '' Membership'' column after you click on the Main menu list.


Dr. Christina Baker                    Executive Secretary